A Step Towards Simplicity

We all love our furry companions, and their comfort and well-being are of utmost importance. If you've recently upgraded to an automatic litter box, you might be wondering how to help your cat adjust to this new addition. Rest assured, you're in good hands with us. With a little patience and positive reinforcement, you can ensure a smooth transition for your feline friend! 🀍


Gradual Introduction πŸ™ˆ

Start by placing the automatic litter box next to the existing litter box. Cats are naturally curious, and by keeping the old litter box nearby, they can become familiar with the new setup without feeling overwhelmed. Allow your cat to explore it at their own pace.

Familiarize the Scent πŸ‘ƒ

To help your cat link the automatic litter box with using the bathroom, place some used litter from the old litter box into the new one. This will transfer the familiar scent and encourage your cat to utilize the automatic litter box for their toileting needs.

Encouragement and Rewards 🍬

Positive reinforcement goes a long way in training cats. Make sure to have lots of your kitty’s favorite treat nearby. Whenever your feline friend successfully uses the automatic litter box, offer praise, treats, or a gentle pat in their favorite spot. This positive association will make them more inclined to use their new potty over the old one.Β 

Gradual Removal of the Old Litter Box πŸ‘‹Β 

Once you notice your cat becomes comfortable using the automatic litter box consistently, you can start slipping out the old litter box. Start by either moving it to another location, or remove it completely if you are confident in their transition. This will encourage your cat to remain solely on their PurrPotty.

Maintain Cleanliness 🧽

As we know, cats are meticulous about their litter boxes, and an unpleasant experience may discourage them from using it. Make sure to keep the correct amount of litter and replacing when needed. Regularly remove the waste bag to ensure an odor free environment. Following these simple steps will ensure a stress free experience for you and your furry friend. ο»Ώ

With a patient and supportive approach, you can help your cat adapt to an automatic litter box seamlessly! Your feline friend will soon enjoy the benefits of a hassle-free litter box experience, and you'll have more time to focus on creating special moments together. Remember to introduce the new litter box gradually, use positive reinforcement, and maintain cleanliness. Happy cat, happy life!

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